To all members and fellow shooters.

We are planning to open on the 2nd June 2020, JUST FOR MEMBERS to start with, this will last for a short period. We need to assess volume of people wanting to shoot and stay within the government guidelines.

We will start with a booking in system

1,            Please phone and book a slot, saying whether you are doing, Skeet. DTL Compact or Sporting. Lines will be open Friday / Saturday /Sunday 10 am to 2pm with your membership number,

2             Get a time, Sporting will be in a designated route, we will have maps, so everyone can see where they are going, because of the distancing, you are allowed 10 mins per stand. There will 100 bird sporting on a designated route.

3             Skeet / DtL / Compaq / Tower and Grouse butt on range 4., you can book a range for a period of time, not shooting a round and then sitting in the car for 30 mins.

The clubhouse will be ONLY open for collecting a Promatic card , using the loo or paying, one person in the clubhouse at any given time. One to collect the card and then one at a time to pay.

We can at the moment allow only 2 people to shoot at any given time.   NO Groups. Of more than 2.

Food will be available at the normal times, although will be restricted menu, Bacon / egg or sausage served on a paper plate on a take away basis from the café window on the patio.

We will at the moment adhere to our normal opening times ( Closed Monday ).

We will ALL have to keep to the Government guide lines. 2 metres self distancing at all times.

Anyone who has underlying health problems, should seriously think about shooting at the ground, as all shooters , do so at their own risk. Hand sanitizers are on the tables outside with wipes, you need to bring your own gun.

All Promatic cards will be cleaned on return and prior to a customer taking one out. Please bring your sanitizers, if possible.

Some business’s have been monitored by the Council, so I’m sure we will be too.

The C P S A web site has a full disclosure about the do’s and don’ts, we recommend you have a browse through before attending.

We are experimenting at the the moment, Please bear us. We have to do the correct things, so things will be different to start with.

There are new speed bumps on the way to the shooting ground from the hotel. BEWARE

PHONE TO BOOK A SLOT PLEASE, to avoid disappointment.

Regards and take care, be alert.

All the staff at the shooting ground. Coniston Shooting Ground   Tel 01756 748 586 or 07831 399 860

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